With A Dancer’s Balance

I’ve never been very good at putting the proper balance in my life. I know it is funny right, being a dancer this is almost a given. I’m going to break anything in 5 seconds.

Getting the curriculum worked out is too large. Today I was in the Office until 20:00, because the material needs to sort out quickly. There’s a critical deadline on Monday, and will be lucky if I can. Any other weekend, would come on Saturday and work in my time, but this weekend I’m off.

Teaching is to be tiresome, just because they’re two nights a week, and I’m getting old.

Also booked me for a sewing course, which I’m * really * enjoying it, but it takes another day of the week, and I know I’m going to have to lose at least two sessions because of other obligations. And also because I volunteered to pose for one of the courses of life drawing, I’ll be in costume.

The last batch of photo studio I have is from 2014. I have a little heavier since then. I also have other fantasies that I would like to be a model. Then it’s time that I got some pictures I made.

Performing? Currently I can’t feel a love. I have to do something in my ability as a model for my students. Can be murder to be a professor, at least a good!

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