One For The Bride

I have attended two bridal showers but this is the first time that I have ever been asked to host one.

At each one that I have attended the hostess requested that each guest who attended to share some words of “wisdom” (I quote wisdom because that was the word chosen and wisdom is a relative thing) with the bride-to-be. As you can imagine many pieces of advice were offered and I think that the ladies were trying to out due one another. I just left it with “don’t forget why you got married.” And that was seen as odd and cryptic.

But we get married because we want to spend the rest of our lives with a person. And that is something that people often over look when they get entrenched in their marriage and they feel that the other one is holding them back. So don’t forger it was your love for the other person who brought you this far and it will only be that love that takes you the rest of the way.

As I said I was asked to host and that is new to me but one thing, I don’t want to host something that is exclusive. I want an inclusive bridal shower and that is what I have suggested. This is a couples shower of sorts that is for the bride but also the groom and their mixed co-ed friends. I have seen them on Instagram and they always looked like a lot of fun. More so that the ones that I have been too at least. And they give you an excuse to be yourself and prepare for that life together you are working on.

One of the concerns that was thrown out there is that you can’t find the items you need to fit the shower. All you have to do is look, there are plenty of them to choose from for couples shower invitations and wedding shower related decorations so that shouldn’t be a big problem. And seriously after the move I couldn’t afford to shell out a lot for the big party anyway.

Before you ask, the situation is a little bit odd since I am not Maid of Honor. That might not be a requirement, but it is usually filled by the Maid. The Maid of Honor is coming from over seas since she is studying in the UK and she will just pop in for the wedding and stay a couple of days. That means that others need to step in a fill the void. Which I am happy to do.

It just needs to be done with the right finesse. Something that I hope I am capable of providing.

We shall see.

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