Adjusting to NYC

About two weeks after the big move to New York. Transition in a community centered in the city, THE CITY, it is an existence of half art and NYC has been an adventure. The process has been full of hard lessons and happy opportunities almost unbelievable and I’m still really nothing easy, at home not yet, but I have a feeling that will become a.

NYC takes some adjustments coming from Boston, I always thought of myself as a girl in town … but NYC is 10 times the city … At times I think it’s a little unsettling and overwhelming and then in other exciting and adventurous.

I feel like I’m finding my niche here, slowly but surely. Teaching created inspiration and determination in my path as a dancer. My daily practice has grown and my personal goals are coming true. I am truly blessed to dance this way of life. Women at work are being so brilliant, handsome, strong. They really made my transition to teaching almost effortless. Let me not forget women, who I feel have facilitated and fostered the strong foundation, now I have to be able to be the professor I am and will become.

Working with them has been fascinating as they moved from NYC to North, experiencing as we put a new trend in the spirit of the dance. They are now completely moved out of the gallery and the booty … as well as the new gallery will open, who spent the past week working tirelessly on. Even as I write some volunteers are unpacking boxes, creating space and working happy. Amazing.

I’m hoping to go to Boston sometime in late February for a visit, I would be able to get out a little before that. I’ll keep you Posted.

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